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Tabe challenged ACE, trying to form a new team

Published : Dec 03, 2013 By unkown

We got something huge just a moment ago - Tabe, former captain and support player of Royal Club has challenged ACE, Chinese e-sports game industry alliance. Tabe decided to form a new team after ACE banned all clubs from recruiting Tabe as a team member, coach or leader. Up till now, Tabe has recruited the data analyst of WE Abu, jungler player clearlove, support player fzzf and support player of PE - sicca.


Tabe, WE


We got to know the wise and humble boy from China on S3 World Championship. And we saw two new views and tactics affecting the whole world in the matches of Royal Club: one is Annie support, and the other is level 1 top lane champion to jungle with the jungler. Both tactics were from Tabe. Annie support affects the support situation of the whole League of Legends. And the latter tactic carried through all international tournaments, including OGN and WCG, it may even influence the tactic trend of LCS and League of Legends in the future.


He was the most renowned player on S3 World Championship and won great reputation among players. But he chose to retire. However, he caused greater tempests in Chinese e-sports field later.


He challenged ACE and was banned to take any position including team member, coach and leader. But Tabe was yield to ACE. It was said that Tabe created his own team and the sponsor might be the boss of Royal Club. 


Tabe, WE


From the current line-up, we know that Tabe’s team is named Dream Hunter. The data analyst, mid solo and jungler are all from WE – the champion of IPL5, and the third place on WCG 2013. Its mid solo player is current support in WE – fzzf, the jungler is clearlove – current jungler in WE, and the support is PE’s sicca. What’s more, as far as we know, the two players of WE try to abandon the deal with WE with force. Most importantly, this team probably won’t be able to attend some normal tournaments in China including LPL as it’s not accepted by ACE.


We have to admit the excellent performance of Tabe on S3 World Championship, and the great influences brought by his tactics towards League of Legends. But we can’t simply use the word “unwise” to describe him regarding his action - challenge the rules made by ACE, poach members of other team regardless of their contracts with other clubs. The irresponsible action may end the professional career of these players, and force one of the strong LOL teams in China - WE to dismiss. 

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