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Tactics of Starting Items

 Aug 23, 2014  119  1

League of Legends is an e-sport, details often determined the result. You often see teammates who entered the game randomly point their skills in the fountain. Generally speaking, it is not a good habit. Never point too early when you don't know what can happen after leaving the town. It is also not a good habit to buy the starting items too early. Below, I will give you some examples to explain why the habits are not good.

Top solo Ryze is very popular recently. Although he has bad escaping ability, if you can continue farming past 30 minutes, no one can potentially defeat you at this time. Generally speaking, the starting items of Ryze are Cloth Armor and Elixir of Fortitude. When laning against Tryndamere, if you take the Cloth Armor and 5 pieces of Elixir of Fortitude, you will miss the victory. Lots of players may think there is no fault in dealing with physical top solo in Cloth Armor. However, there are differences in fact. When countering the champions with ranged skills such as Pantheon and Gangplank, it is absolutely right to bring the cloth armor as your starting item. It can effectively prevent being consumed but when countering champions such as Tryndamere and Fiora, regardless that they are physical champions; they do not mainly rely on consumption. Once you make a mistake on position and are attacked two twice plus E skill, you may be killed. The Cloth Armor is useless in this case. If you take the Sapphire Crystal, you can increase your output as well as quickly craft the Tear of the Goddess, which is undoubtedly the best choice.

Katarina is also a popular mid lane champion that we can see in ranked matches. I found that lots of players like taking Boots of Speed as a starting item. It is not a good choice. As an inferior champion in laning, she will be consumed and suppressed by the other champions. 4 pieces of Elixir of Fortitude can hardly let you safely experience the laning period. Doran's Shield is a better choice, the effect of passive life steal and damage reduce can greatly increase Katarina’s laning ability. The mobility of the boots cannot bring any advantage to her except when the opponents have weak champions such as Karthus. Talking about the Boots of Speed, I have to say that, to lots of laning champions it is not equal between its price and its value in the early period, especially the boots at level 1.

There is another jungling champion I have to say, Fiddlesticks. The starting items of Fiddlesticks are also varied, such as Doran's Ring, Hunter's Machete and 4 pieces of Elixir of Fortitude, and Mejai's Soulstealer. After analyzing carefully, you will find that the Hunter's Machete, 2 pieces of Elixir of Fortitude and 1 ward are the best choice when playing jungling Fiddlesticks. You can ensure the efficiency of jungling whilst protecting your vision from being invaded. Other choices are far too risky, if you were caught; chances are you will lose everything.  

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When to Chase – The Five-Second Rule

 Aug 22, 2014  1338  4

In League of Legends, we all want to be the hero.  Getting kills in League is a satisfying and rewarding experience.  We are given a bonus to our gold reserves, a special caption appears with our accomplishment, and we have the inner satisfaction of knowing that we bested another opponent.  Feats like Double-Kills, Triple-Kills, Quadra-Kills, and the elusive Penta-Kill further serve as a siren call for us to utterly devastate the competition in League of Legends.

There is no doubt that any successful win in League of Legends revolves partially around securing kills on the enemy champs.  However, this is only part of the story.  Have you ever faced against a fed Katarina and won despite being behind a good number of kills on the scoreboard?  That’s because kills aren’t the sole route to victory in League of Legends; they are just a part of it.

Success is determined by a myriad of factors in the game.  Farming CS, securing objectives, and pushing waves of creeps wins games.  Proper selection of complimentary champions before the match begins helps to determine how easy or hard this is, but it is ultimately a means to an end.  League of Legends requires everyone to play some sort of role, no matter how seemingly small.  Perhaps when you were being owned by that fed Katarina, your Udyr helped you to win the game by split-pushing and grabbing a tower when he could.  Or maybe your tanky team composition helped you overcome her burst damage.  Whatever the case may be, there is always things going on both in front of and behind the scenes in any given League of Legends match.

This brings me to an important point.  If kills are only a part of the bigger picture, then why do we chase the enemy for kills, committing all sorts of deadly sins in the process?  It can usually first be observed early on – one champ in lane is in the danger zone, and the opponent has a good amount of life left.  Thinking he can tower dive successfully, he goes in, secures the kill, but gives out a kill in the process.  Or maybe its mid-game and you notice the enemy Teemo is almost dead, and you chase him anyways.  He kites you and mushrooms you to death, and you end up not even getting a kill.  Don’t worry, we forgive you for wanting to get the jump on Teemo, who wouldn’t?

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Whether to Raise The Standards of Ranked Matches?

 Aug 21, 2014  2913  7

With the recent establishment of the Master team, the subject on whether to raise the standard became popularized. Currently, the bar is set quite low to attend ranked matches. You only need to reach level 30 and have 16 champions, you can attend the ranked matches. 

Let’s have a look at the low standard. Nowadays, there are 8 champions only requiring 450 gold in League of Legends, and there are 16 champions only requiring 1350 gold. That is to say, once you just have at least 14,400 gold to buy the 16 champions, you can meet one of the standards. To 14,400 gold, you can collect all by average 100 gold per match after playing 144 matches. As we all know, we can have 100 extra gold rewards by the first victory each day in League of Legends. In fact, you can collect all the gold by attending fewer matches. 

Among 144 matches, if all are Summoner's Rift, some beginners can master the usage of 1~2 champions. However, it’s a pity that to most of the beginners, the 144 matches, half or even more are Co-op vs. AI or All Random All Mid, which are less competitive. As a result, these modes can’t highly improve the operation of the players. 

Besides, if a beginner uses all his gold to buy new champions for the sake of meeting the standards of ranked matches, then he will encounter severe problems; or rune. Generally speaking, in ranked matches, we need at least 2 sets of runes, one set of AP and one set of AD. Before the platinum, they are enough to satisfy the player's needs. The price of these 2 sets of rune are about 28,000~29,000 gold.

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Support’s professional quality

 Aug 20, 2014  1332  4

After playing rank matches for a while, you may become confused about support as your ranking upgrades, which is the same for me. Before the Diamond tier, I was good at top solo. However, I stayed in Diamond V for quite a long time. Basically, every Diamond player will play support and they can play the role quite well. I think there are still some details they haven't notice. In solo queue, I think it relies on the player’s ability in laning, but in later game team fight; it relies on the support’s professional quality to win.

To best play the support, the first thing you have to learn is when to appear in certain positions. Only after you know how to do it, will you know what is unexpected. For example, in one of my ranked games, I played Annie as support. The opposing side was a double junglers lineup. At level 2, the ADC and I pushed the minions to the opposing turret. When I went back to the mid lane, the opposing mid solo was Orianna, and our mid solo was Katarina. After I helped Katarina to get the first blood, her laning pressure reduced a lot.

Support, it is never one person’s support. It’s the whole team’s support. It is indeed the support’s responsibility to protect the ADC for better development. However, it’s not the support’s only responsibility. No matter for the jungle area or the mid lane, timely support can change the situation dramatically.

To sum up, I think most supports are suitable to use boots as early as possible. However, it’s not absolute. Only when you are in a favorable situation can you have the chance to support or gank better. When you are in an unfavorable situation, you absolutely have no chance to do that. If you insist on doing that, the ADC is at the risk of being killed. ADC may cause the bottom lane to be in an unfavorable situation. However, whether or not the bottom lane can obtain more advantages relies completely on the support’s ability.

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League of Cosplay – It’s time for RiotCon

 Aug 20, 2014  571  2

Cosplay is taking the world by storm.  What originally started as Star Trek Convention gatherings has blossomed into a whole world of possibilities.  After the Star Trek Conventions, other Sci-Fi Conventions eventually popped up all throughout the world.  As things like anime and video games became more popular, the world of “cosplay” opened up as a means for fans of these mediums to literally act out their favorite fantasies.

Today, cosplay is absolutely huge.  One only has to look to events like San Diego Comic-Con International to see just how big the fandom truly is.  This year at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, record numbers of attendees showed up, surpassing 130,000 people.  Amid the various branches of cosplaying, video game cosplay has seen an enormous spike in recent years.  With such a huge and dedicated following, it was only a matter of time until the world of cosplay opened its doors to League of Legends.

 League of Legends is arguably one of the best examples of a video game absolutely dominating a creative field.  League of Legends Cosplay is absolutely monolithic, and at nearly any given convention, you can bet your RP that you will find familiar faces like Ashe, Katarina, and Twisted Fate.  You might find Champions you never thought you would see as well.  Champs like Alistar, Gragas, or even Veigar have shown up at numerous conventions.  Riot is genius in many ways, and part of the fun of League of Legends Cosplay is not only the staggering depth of their roster, but the sheer number of League of Legends Skins that people are able to cosplay as.  The sky is the limit for cosplay creativity when it comes to League of Legends and for many newcomers and seasoned veterans alike, there is a ton of potential.

To add even more exposure to League of Legends Cosplay, the popular Sci-Fi Channel TV show Heroes of Cosplay has featured more than a few professionals assuming the roles of their favorite Champion.   One cosplayer in particular, Riddle, pulled off an amazing Ashe cosplay, complete with an ice bow that looked like it was ripped right out of the Rift.  Riot also employs professional ambassadors and cosplayers for their entourage of Summoners, which further adds to the exposure.  With the world as a stage, perhaps it is time to see Riot create their own League of Legends Convention?  Blizzard has been doing this for years in the form of Blizzcon, so who knows what we might see in the future.

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Special Position in League of Legends: Jungling

 Aug 20, 2014  639  1

In League of Legends, jungling is always a special position. After two years of jungling, I found that jungling is not as mysterious and different as many people think. In the eyes of adepts, jungling can be considered an independent position.

The choices of the champions: hey, guys, if someone tells you that one champion can’t jungle, he must be a beginner or he does not know much about jungling. In League of Legends, every champion can be played as a jungler, from Teemo to Janna, from Ezreal to Annie. The difference is only the jungling ability. There are also differences between junglers and laning champions. The differences are in the three aspects of clearing, ganking and team fight. They are also the standards to evaluate the jungling champions in the current version. 

Laning Period: Different from normal laning, there are no allied minions sharing the damage for you when jungling. As a result, lots of new junglers are killed by wild monsters when jungling. It is the vital exemplification of the summoner skill, Smite. On the other hand, there is no big difference between jungling and laning. In fact, jungling is more like the laning in DOTA, having the situation of DN. Since the resources are limited, if you obtain them, then your opponents can’t obtain. It is the first thing you should know when jungling.

The second thing is that there is danger in the jungle area at all time. Whether you have the idea to obtain the resource in your opponents’ area or not, there are many traps and ambushes in the jungle area; with innumerable wilds, bushes and invisible areas. If you have great solo ability, now is your turn to start the attack and invasion. Or you should avoid being killed by the opponent before you have the strong solo ability.

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Dashingly Debonair – Classy New Skins for Ezreal and Vi

 Aug 19, 2014  463  2

A true gentleman (or lady) never shows up to a party unprepared.  The same holds true for a battle at Summoner’s Rift.  If you want to be the sharpest dressed Summoner in the Rift, then you might want to invest in the newest League of Legends skins for Ezreal and Vi.

Time for a true display of skill?  How about a true display of class.  Both Ezreal and Vi show up to be the life of the part alongside Debonair Jayce in this latest skin set.  If you purchase the Debonair Skin for Ezreal, be prepared to win the crowd as well as the battle with your dashing charm.  Want to step up your game and deliver a punch of sophistication?  Then outfit Vi with the Debonair Skin.

Both Ezreal and VI come complete with fitted vests, tailored suits, and the fanciest of gauntlets.  If you bring Ezreal, Vi, and Jayce to battle in their Debonair skins, then be prepared for nonstop attention.  These skins work equally well for a rumble around Baron and the inevitable night on the town to celebrate the win.

You can purchase the League of Legends Debonair Skins in the Riot Store for 750 RP each.  Also available to complete the set is the Debonair Summoner Icon, which can be obtained for 250 RP.

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Which League Do You Like, Tank or Bomber?

 Aug 18, 2014  1208  2

In the past, around the early to mid period of Season 4, due to the large sum of champions used were tanks, League of Legends was jokingly called League of Tanks. Obviously, Riot does not want to see this, so they have made significant adjustments and balance fixes. Now it is no longer League of Tanks, but became League of Bombers with many carrying champions. What about the tank? They made the tank become jungler or support, or even riskier, to disengage the tank completely.

Let us analyze how everything was formed:

First, in Patch 4.10, Riot started its first step towards the League of Bomber, nerfing the defensive items. Before this period, the price of defensive items was not the same as the price of outputting items, which caused some top solos to be the tank as well as provide output. As the vital character of output in the team, ADC requires 3 outputting items to counter against the output of tank. In fact, a well-developed tank will give such opportunity to the ADC. 

New Sunfire Cape (2650) and Warden's Mail (1000), with the two, you can definitely win the ADC with Infinity Edge (3800) and The Bloodthirster (3200). The ADC should at least buy one more Last Whisper (2300) in order for the ADC to counter against with the tank (2650+1000). At that time, the tank has also bought Randuin's Omen, which worsens the ADC's situation.

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What Your Role Says About You

 Aug 16, 2014  5481  15

In League of Legends there are 5 primary roles: Top Laner, Jungler, Mid Laner, AD Carry, and Support. Choosing a role to play and or master is actually very difficult because most players don't really know what they want to do in a game of League of Legends. There are many factors to deciding a role that suits you the best, and sometimes it depends on your mood during champ select. Hopefully with this guide you'll be able to find out what role suits you the best on Summoner's Rift.

Top Laners are Renegades

They are the lone wolves that defend the top lane from getting taken down. However, once team fights start they work together with the team to achieve a common goal: Victory. To me Top Laners are very passive, but they hide a fury inside that will shake the enemy team. As a Top Laner, your job is to essentially win your lane and once team fights start show off how much gold and exp you got. If you prefer to do things by yourself in real life, then top lane suits you well as someone who prefers to be left alone, but will show good results once the time calls for it. In the top lane your individual play is very important. The champions in top lane have high skill caps and to master them requires both guts and vision. Keep in mind that as a Top Laner, you have to succeed in order to win the game. You are the last one to arrive to a party but you are the one who makes the biggest entrance.

Mid Laners are Commanders

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11 Standards to Determine Whether You Can Accumulate Scores Fast in Ranked Matches

 Aug 15, 2014  2385  4

Although League of Legends is a competitive game, I have to say that some players are not suitable to play ranked matches or rather, they are not fit to playing solo queue. They can perform excellently on matchmaking or custom in 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 matches; but they can’t play solo queue very well. There are also players who plays well on a day and can smoothly level up to the next tier. The 11 following standards will verify whether you are suitable to play ranked matches.

Preparation Before A Match:

1. Luck. I must say that luck takes over 30% in ranked matches, especially when accumulating scores. Luck decides what kinds of opponents you will encounter and who will be on your team. If you have bad luck today, then maybe consider playing ranked match another time.

2. Ability. Trust me, if you want to accumulate scores in ranked match, the most convenient method is to have 2-3 champions, who has a high chance of winning after you pick them. The best choices are top solo or mid solo. These champions do not need to be very popular, which ensures that you can choose them in the match. For example, I use Orianna from Sliver to Gold, and use Gragas from Gold to Platinum. I like the champions who have crowd control that can provide initiation because I know better than my teammates when to start the team fight. Of course, you can also choose the assassins with mobility, and one of my friends uses Fizz to reach the Diamond.

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