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The Revelation of Ultra Rapid Fire: Mid Urgot

 Apr 17, 2014  111  1

I first got exposed to this Champion while playing Ultra Rapid Fire mode, where I thought his control skills actually gave him some good potential. Afterwards, I gave him a try in ranked, and the results weren’t too shabby. As a result, I’d like to introduce my new discovery to you guys.

Urgot is actually a pretty simple Champion, whether or not you can play him well all depends on your ability to land his E and follow up with 3 Q attacks; successfully doing so will deal a staggering amount of damage. This harassment technique will be a major disruption to the enemy in early game. Generally speaking, after I get E at level 1, and am able to EQ at level 2, between levels 2-3 I can choose to engage with the enemy. As long as you land your E, use your W to boost your attack speed, continuously Q/auto-attack and use your Ignite, you are pretty much guaranteed to land a kill.

Generally speaking, if you can use your E well, around level 5 your enemy is going to have to head back home to recover, otherwise they’re just asking for a gank. At this point you should quickly push the line and head home, by now you should have accumulated around 1000 gold, with which you should buy Tear of the Goddess, boots, potions and wards. Assuming you kept up the harassment pressure, by the time you get back to lane there will be few champions who pose a significant threat to you (except for those champs that suddenly become super-dangerous once they get their ult). I think that as long as you can land those Es early on, Urgot’s poke is scarier than any other Mid. Additionally, when facing down Urgot, there is no safe spot from which to safely defend your turret; once you land your E the enemy has nowhere safe to hide out of the range of Urgot’s Q.

Manamune and Ionian Boots of Lucidity are your core items. Before you start engaging in team fights, it’s crucial for you to get the upper hand in-lane. In truth, Urgot has no escape skills, so he is very vulnerable to ganking. However, as long as you keep the pressure up in-lane, even if you do get ganked, you can at least switch places with your opponent. If you’re lucky, this, or Flashing out, will be enough to save your life.

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Witness the Fall of SKT T1K

 Apr 17, 2014  163  1

Yesterday, in the first match of the OGN Champion Spring 2014 playoffs, SKT T1 K, winner of the 2013 OGN Winter Championship, lost to Samsung Ozone and was eliminated in the first round.

Faker after losing the match

The first round of playoffs was a duplicate of the grand finals of the 2013 Winter OGN Championship when Samsung Ozone countered against SKT T1 K. Last winter, both teams advanced to the grand finals with full wins. However, Ozone had a tough time heading to the grand finals while SKT T1 K advanced to the grand finals easily. In the grand finals, Ozone was driven into a wall by SKT T1 K and lost the game 0:3. SKT T1 K became the first team to win 2 OGN championships in succession in history. Things have changed now that the two teams have undergone significant changes in the past few months. Samsung Ozone is in good condition after the joining of mid solo PawN and has prepared well for the match while SKT T1 K, the team that dominated League of Legends for a while has suffered a downturn recently, (they advanced to the playoffs due to the friendly “help” of their brother team). Finally, in the first match yesterday, SKT T1 K lost to its rival and got eliminated from the OGN Champion Spring 2014 as expected. Thousands in the audience witnessed their fall. No one lasts forever in the eSports field.

Korean MVP Ranking

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How to Practice Raising your Awareness

 Apr 17, 2014  346  3

In articles and strategy guides, we often see the term “awareness,” but what does this idea really mean? In truth, there aren’t that many LoL players out there who can give you a satisfactory answer. In League of Legends, awareness signifies your grasp and intuition of developments on the battlefield as they happen, and more importantly, before they happen. The source of awareness is experience; newer players who haven’t had much exposure to LoL usually don’t perceive the right thing to do at the right time and can’t anticipate events before they become obvious. As you gradually accumulate experience, your awareness, and ability to imperceptibly influence the course of the overall game will also have a corresponding increase. All things being equal, a player with 2000 games under their belt is going to have better awareness than a player who has only played 500 games.  

How to raise your awareness?

Step 1: Get familiar with the game’s mechanics, in-game signals and all the summoner spells like Flash, Ignite, Heal etc.

Step 2: Become especially familiar with popular/commonly used Supports, ADCs, Junglers and Mids.

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Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Comes Back

 Apr 17, 2014  104  2

The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament was a success last year. This year, it makes a return with more players and more chances to qualify.

Four European LCS players are looking to cast four teams each, with one of them being fortunate enough to become the player's personal team for the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament 2014 with the tournament's Final Series being held on the gamescom 2014 stage.

Christoph " nRated" Seitz will be one of the four coaches for this year on side of SK Gaming, alongside Enrique " xPeke" Cedeno Martinez of fnatic, as well as ROCCAT's Remigiusz "Overpow" Pusch and Millenium's Kevin " kev1n" Rubiszewski.

More coaches, more chances

Within the next weeks, you can register with your teammates and apply for either one of the coaches or all of them. Each coach will have two qualification tournaments in the upcoming weeks and while the winner of each qualifier advances to the coach’s Team Final, two additional teams will be casted by each coach, based on their performances in the qualifiers. The winning team of each Team Final will be granted a slot in the Semifinal Series, with the two winning teams advancing to the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Final at gamescom 2014.

Win exclusive SK Gaming gear

With  nRated and SK you are prepared like a pro, as nRated's winning team will not only have the chance to compete at gamescom 2014, but will also receive SK Gaming merchandise including our official shirt and hoodie as well as gaming gear from our new partner Mionix!

Register now:

Watch the official trailer

Schedule nRated 2013

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LOL Designer Talks about Zilean's Rework

 Apr 17, 2014  433  1

Recently, the LOL designer revealed players new information on Zilean’s rework. See the details below:

Player: Speaking of, can you guys please rework Zilean? He lacks counterplay in lane, his passive is broken on an incredibly subtle level, and worst of all, he hates armored bears.

Designer: We've started ideating on the Zilean rework! This means we have a designer (20thCenturyFaux) who wrote up a paper kit. We'll put this kit into testing sometime in the future and that'll give us an idea of whether or not it goes in a good direction.

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LOL Scoring Tips For Solo Ranked Games

 Apr 16, 2014  312  1

LOL is much simpler to play compared with DOTAs, SC2 and WAR3, which makes it easier for people to start playing this game, but League of Legends is like a book. You can’t understand it thoroughly at the first sight. Sometimes, you may think you get its meaning, but when you read the next page, you find a wider world. Thus in my opinion, you should stay modest and keep studying while playing the game even you are a pro gamer. This way, whatever tier you are at, you can keep improving.

Now, I want to share my experience about the S4 ranked games. The S4 ranked games can be regarded as the most mature and also the least mature season in history. It is the most mature because both tactics and champion positioning have become stable. Only after Riot makes changes will players consider some new tactics, positions and champions in a unique way. It is the least mature because at present, lots of champions, items and game settings consistently receive changes big and small. The things you are familiar with today may become completely different tomorrow. Therefore, players need to be familiar with the latest information to prepare for upcoming changes. In addition, players need good fundamentals, thus they can always win a place for themselves no matter how the times change.

Top Solo: if we regard the mid lane as the center of the game, the top lane is the farthest battleground from the center. The top lane is the place for 1V1. Players show their personal ability here, thus I suggest players who are weak in laning don’t come to the top lane without preparing well. Though top lane is the best lane for you to get points in this season, your enemies in this lane will be very powerful. If you are a top solo, you have to be clear when you can get advantages and what to do after establishing a favorable situation. Do remember that as a top solo, you should never give your enemy the opportunity to develop and rest. That can be vital for your whole team. 

Mid Solo: I mentioned above that this lane is the center of the game. You need strong personal ability in this lane. Do note that personal ability doesn’t just stand for your laning ability. It also includes your ability to assess the overall situation. You potentially will face the enemy mid solo, junger and even top solo together rather than just the enemy mid solo. Meanwhile, you should also provide some support for allies in the jungle area and side lanes. A good mid solo can absolutely lead the team to get an all-round advantage. I don’t suggest those players who hate supporting get scores as a mid-laner, because supporting ability can determine if you are a good mid laner.

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SKT T1 Involved in Match-Fixing Scandal

 Apr 16, 2014  428  1

On April 14, the Korean e-Sports Association made an official statement, announcing to investigate the report about the match fixing between SKT T1’s two teams. KeSPA thinks it is just a rumor cooked up by some media and the online people. What’s worse, the rumor has spread out, which has had big influences on the SKT T1 players. Some of them even had to seek mental health treatment.

Take a look back at the incident:

The OGN Champions Spring 2014 has come to an end recently. SKT T1’s two teams, the S3 World Championship winner SKT T1 K and SKT T1 S, KTA and Prime Optimus were all assigned to the group A during the group stage.

There were three rounds of matches during the group stage. In the first round, the match between SKT T1’s two teams ended in a draw. Prime lost to KTA with the score of 0:2. In the second round, SKT T1’s two teams both got the victory with the score of 2:0. At that time, KTA was ranked at the first place in group A with 2 wins. SKT T1’s two teams were both at the second place with one win and one draw. If the two teams would win in the third round, they would be able to advance from the group A.

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Warwick’s Remade Ability Details Announced

 Apr 16, 2014  1639  3

We just got some new information on the rework of Warwick. Today, Riot designer ZenonTheStoic announced some details on LOL Warwick’s ability changes. See below:

"Well, here's more information.

(DISCLAIMER as always, this kit will almost definitely change before we ship. It's not been in actual production yet--that is to say we've not tested it with custom animations, models, particle effects, sounds and so on. We've been testing a prototype kit with art stolen from the rest of the game. So a lot may change. But this is what we have right now.)

(ALSO SUPER EXTRA DISCLAIMER: We are not in production yet. It'll be many, many months before we will be. I HOPE we'll be able to release this rework in 2014, but no guarantees.)

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The Next Champion Is a Support?

 Apr 16, 2014  3102  7

In early April, we ever reported the upcoming 119th champion. He is a mysterious figure who knows about the long history of League of Legends. At the end of last year, it was reported that a support champion will be released in 2014. Recently, Riot confirmed that the next champion will be a support at the PAX East.

According the history revealed from the champion’s diary, the intrusion of void champions may be mentioned again. This new champion feels pretty guilty about it. Isn’t this champion possible to be a rare upright void champion? Don’t forget that Riot ever said they wanted to make a series of void supports and also mentioned that this champion will be on a par with Thresh. Based on the current version, a successful support champion should own shifting and controlling skills. 

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Will Ultra Rapid Fire Make a Return to League of Legends?

 Apr 16, 2014  598  3

Ultra Rapid Fire, the extremely popular April Fool’s mode for League of Legends, has said good goodbye to us. It has been available for an extended period of time because of the positive community feedback and a hefty dose of petitions, begging and a considerable amount of forum pleas. Now, Riot has had it offline, according to its initial plans.

The League of Legends developers weren’t immune to the community pleas however, and have vowed to bring back URF at some point in the future, in one form or another. “U.R.F. was never meant to be more than an April Fool’s gag, but the community’s response has been anything but a joke, so goodbyes need not be final. Ultra Rapid Fire will come back in one form or another, but like all Featured Game Modes it wasn’t designed to live forever.” stated Riot in an official post, hinting at the return of URF. Interestingly, Riot has started adding temporary new game modes for awhile now, mentioning late last year that the most popular and successful modes will eventually make it to permanent status.

Will Ultra Rapid Fire be the mode to stay? It certainly seemed to be the most popular one, but let’s not forget about the One-For-All mode or the 1 vs 1 Howling Abyss mode either. Their All-Random-All-Mid (ARAM) mode is definitely unconventional for MOBAs, yet it’s been a permanent mode for a long time now. We see no reason why URF or other similar modes couldn’t make it to the same status too. The only difficulties with implementing permanent modes like this come with server stability and queue times, which are likely to increase for the regular and ranked game modes. Some hardcore ranked players have also been complaining that modes like URF take away from the tactical beauty of League of Legends and result in a drop of player performance and gameplay quality in the more tactical competitive modes. This is a valid argument, certainly, although it’s also worth noting that Ultra Rapid Fire provided a great environment for newer players to practice skill-shots, and the rapid pace of dodging and constant fighting certainly made for some epic plays too.

There are still on-going petitions for keeping URF permanently and bringing it back online. LoL fans have been vocal about it, that much is obvious. With more and more competition coming into the MOBA genre, Riot will definitely have to provide some interesting new features to keep players interested. League of Legends is no longer facing competition from DOTA 2 alone, it will soon have to compete with Blizzard’s upcoming Heroes of the Storm, as well as other titles that are gaining popularity fast, such as Infinite Crisis or Smite.

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