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Gnar is on the Horizon

 Jul 30, 2014  0  0

Yesterday Riot released a sneak peak at a new League of Legends champion via a promo page and 18-second video. Based on the given information, we know that Gnar is a monster of the ice, probably a part of Freljord.

From the video, we saw that Gnar is not very big. However, he may have a similar skill set to Renekton and Nasus, which lets itself become bigger. 

From other news we can predict that the champion may be a jungling champion. It also has a skill similar to Nidalee’s Q casting skill. In addition, its claws are very sharp so those may become one of its fighting weapon.

Nevertheless, others have expressed an opposite prediction. They think the champion will have two forms similar to Nidalee. In its smaller size, the champion will rely on casting skills whereas growing bigger will allow it to use its claws for attack. Unfortunately, the assumption was quickly denied considering its attributes are far too similar to Nidalee’s. Riot will doesn't want to create the same champion twice.

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How to Win at LoL Through Detailed Planning

 Jul 29, 2014  561  1

There are a lot of factors that influence the result of a match. In my opinion, these factors are just details in the game once you magnify them. Everyone knows about these details. Even so, you may easily lose the match just because you didn’t pay attention to them. So how can you use them to win a match?

Detail 1: Level 1 team fight

The level 1 team fight is very important, especially since the Bounty System has been restored. Even in low-level ranked games, level 1 team fights happen more frequently under the lead of junglers. We have to admit that the results of level 1 team fights have a big impact on the match while other subtle impacts may be ignored.

First of all, jungle resources. Jungle resources are limited. Each jungle camp you take means there are fewer for your opponent. Therefore, the results of level 1 team fight may be you owning 3 buffs to start (you can also give one of them to your allies on lane to increase their laning ability) while your opponent has only 1. In other words, you may have reached level 4 already while your opponent is only level 2.

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The Skin Choice Will Influence the Result of the Match?

 Jul 26, 2014  1015  5

Recently, I have analyzed about 600 matches. One of the conclusions showed that skin choice will influence the match result as well as the players’ performance. Do you feel curious or amazed by this observation? Now, let us take a look at how skin choice can influence us.

In our research, there is one player, mid solo named Faker in the Korean SKT TI K. His battle routine involves not using any skin during the matches. However, in one OGN match last year, he mistakenly took the Battle Bunny Riven Skin, which caused his performance to fall short. He confirmed this mishap in the interview after that match. Of course, this was an exception of all the players.

We noticed that, excluding some players’ unique habits, most of skins influence the match results through two aspects. One aspect is that after using the skin, the color of the champion will turn into a similar color of the skin, or darken thus making their own color indistinguishable. To some extent, the change will increase the champions' survival rate in team fights. Vayne is a good example of someone who utilizes this principle. 

In the 600 matches I researched, most players using Vayne will choose the Dragonslayer Pantheon Skin, and the rest will choose the default skin. No one will choose the red and white color of the Heartseeker when using Vayne, since it is very evident in the map. 

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Strategic Choices for Jungling Champions

 Jul 25, 2014  3559  2

There has been many changes to the jungle in patch 4.11 and patch 4.12. These changes will cause strategic choices when jungling to lost effect. So, how do you choose jungling champions in the current version? You will know how to choose the champion by mastering the key points below.

To the Jungler, there are two important changes you need to remember in these several versions. One, the Jungler can only buy 4 Health Potions when starting. Second, the first blood reward allows most Level 1 team fights more valuable.

Next, I will explain in detail of the three questions posed.

What does it mean for the Jungler to only buy 4 Health Potions when starting? It means when reaching Level 3, most junglers cannot ensure they have enough HP to participate in gank, especially Evelynn. Generally speaking, when Evelynn reaches level 3 through jungling, even if she used up all four Health Potions, she still would be left with a third of HP. She has no choice but to go back to town. Elise is actually the victor in this case because after doing the same thing as Evelynn, Elise still has two-thirds of HP left. It is enough to go gank once more. The remaining champions after reaching level 3 would have about half of their HP left. They can either try to gank again, but it is safer to go back to town.

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League of Legends New CG Tells You Something About the Game

 Jul 24, 2014  2256  4

Recently, Riot released a new CG about League of Legends. This CG is full of actions, the plot lines and visionary effects are perfect. It tells the story of a team fighting in League of Legends. You will be surprised to actually learn something from the game. 

After watching the CG, you will find it is a battle between two sides. The lineup of one side is Ahri (mid), Jax (Top), Rengar (Jungler), Leona and Graves (Bottom). The other is Katarina (mid), Darius (Top), Nautilus (Jungler), Draven and Zyra (Bottom).

The scene in the beginning shows Leona is in the middle lane. After katarina’s withdrawal, Ahri and Leona traced too closely behind that they ended up getting trapped by katarina's support: Draven, Darius and Zyra. Here it demonstrates a basic principle in League of Legends, to never trace the enemies too much, for you never know what is waiting for you at the front.

Next, in order to protect Ahri, Leona sacrificed her life. Ahri managed to escape, which led to a dispute on Ahri’s escape. Some players believe it is an act of selling out your teammates. However, I want to share the knowledge that if the supporting role provides you with an escape condition, then he truly wants you to escape successfully rather than dying together. As Carry, you should take better care of your life.

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6 Things You Don’t Know About Mastery

 Jul 23, 2014  3673  7

Do you know how to point your mastery? It sounds like a silly question, but in fact, there are lots of things you don’t know about mastery. 

What Is The Meaning of “Bonus”? 

Generally speaking, lots of players will choose the 3 points. However, keep in mind that "bonus" does not include your own basic attack or the attack grown per level. I think there is no need to choose the 3 points because it is a waste of your masteries. Therefore, when choosing mastery attacks, remember there are many valuable points to choose from.

Also, choosing the 2 points will not include your own basic armor, magic resist, armor per level and magic resist per level. However, the 2 points are effective towards the enchanted armor and magic resist. 

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The Legend of Lucian: ADC Becomes Assassin?

 Jul 22, 2014  2150  2

Lucian's autoattack range has been changed to 500, which drops his viability among ADCs. However, with no mana cost on Relentless Pursuit, Lucian is now a much better pick for top or mid lane. Because of this, his win rate and usage have increased instead of decreasing as many had expected. Let’s take a look at him altogether.

Lucian Mid

Many mid ADs are melee assassins. As a ranged attacker, Lucian has huge advantage during laning, completely the opposite of bottom lane. In early game, especially at about level 2, AP champions have limited burst damage. That means ranged AD champions such as Lucian get a great start on early game farming. Lucian's passive makes farming even easier under these conditions. With zero mana cost on his E, Lucian has great survivability during laning phase since only hard CC's can stop him from getting away.

From these aspects, we learn that Lucian has greater laning ability than both Yasuo and Zed. While Lucian provides less burst damage in late game team fights, he beats both champions at ranged output and poke, keeping Lucian safe to continue doing damage. With good burst, safe output positioning, and great chase/escape from his E, I cannot think of a more suitable champion than Lucian as a mid lane assassin. The only contender would be Blue Ezreal.

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Patch 4.13 - Time for Tanks in the Jungle?

 Jul 19, 2014  3124  1

font-size: 12px;

Like most players in the LoL forums, I read posts by the designers. Every year they make balance changes just before the League of Legends World Championship. The designers have confirmed that Patch 4.13 will be the last patch before the S4 World Championship. This is bad news is for aggressive junglers, as Patch 4.13 will nerf gank oriented champions like Lee Sin, Elise and Evelynn.

A strong early game is often the standard of whether or not you are a good jungle. However, if a jungler sacrifices his mid/late game for their early game, they lose value. Take Lee Sin and Evelynn for example, they are less useful than other jungles in a late game of team fight. 

Currently early game ganking benefits far outweigh the risks. In mid game, the advantages of junglers in early game diminishes, especially the champions who have strong early ganking abilities, such as Lee Sin and Evelynn. If the designers want to nerf their ability to snowball in the early game, then players will have more chances to select other champions.

Competitive games often last a long time. I think junglers that do well in mid game will become the new mainstream after the upcoming nerf to aggressive junglers. With more and more magic champions appearing at top, summoners will start to choose tanks to jungle. I think the best choices will be Jarvan IV, Amumu and Udyr.

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Patch 4.12 The Bloodthirster and Lucian Be Greatly Nerfed

 Jul 17, 2014  2416  7

I am not looking forward to the coming of patch 4.12 in League of Legends. However, finally it comes. Jungle Timers, it will take the fun out of jungling. It is indeed to the most professional players. We have to say that Jungle Timers is a good thing to the new beginners. I think if you want to become a professional player, don’t rely on Jungle Timers very much.

The Bloodthirster, although the price has not been increased, and the life steal has been increased from 15% to 20%. With no doubt, The Bloodthirster is nerfed. You will find the life steal of The Bloodthirster become uniqueness. That means you cannot steal extra high life via several The Bloodthirsters in the late game (at about 40 minutes even 60 minutes) or Co-op vs. AI. Of course, the life steal of The Bloodthirster and other items also cannot be stacked.

If you choose The Bloodthirster, that means you have to use runes and masteries to obtain more life steal. The items cannot let you increase more than 20% life steal. Is it enough for the ADCs having only 20% life steal? I think, in most condition, it is enough to cooperate with the protection providing by The Bloodthirster. In some special condition, to the ADCs, who like kiting, it is hard to say.

Lucian, I think he will be changed for the next, and maybe he will be buffed. It is very deathful to decrease his shooting range from 550 to 500. No matter how strong Lucian has ever been, after the adjustment of the shooting range, he will be eliminated in laning and team fight, and he will be vulnerable. There are some similar places between Lucian and Graves. The frequent using Lucian instead of Graves was because Lucian’s shooting range has ever been 550, and Graves is only 525. From now on, to some extent, Graves will replace the position of Lucian.

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League of Legends May Have New Mode?

 Jul 16, 2014  2620  1

About the changes of the game, we can know about them through official announcement. To some unknown changes, we can learn through analyzing the client. If you have analyzed the client recently, you will find some related news about new mode.

The sequel is a concept of new mode in League of Legends, and ASCENSICN mode until now, has never appeared in League of Legends. If you enter the sequel in Google, you will find a card game. Or it may be related to League of Legends series card game exposing not long ago. (Card game is set in game. Do you want to have a try? Or after the beginning of the new mode, it may connect with your mobile products, which make the League of Legends become mobile game. )

Another understanding about ASCENSIGN is the mode that the champion will be birth at level 18. Or it is easy to level up in the new mode. From the recent entertainment, we can easily find out that the designers want to simplify the laning to increase the trigger of team fight, to let the players experience the countering game better and increase the players’ combat ability. Generally speaking, in the traditional mode, strong laning ability requires basic operation, and team fight requires the comprehensive ability in game.

Of course, there is also an idea that many years ago, let the players come to kill the boss. There is a similar rumor in S2. In my opinion, it is a great challenge to League of Legends. In fact, I don’t think entertainment mode is just for entertainment. Take ARAM for example. Because of the limitation of choosing champions, it is a good chance to know about the new champions to lots of players. (The new champion means the champion you are not familiar with or you do not frequently play with.) FIRSTBLOOD is the enhanced mode to the players’ basic operation when laning. If only providing a mode that one or some players to kill a boss, I can hardly image what can be improved to players’ operation. No matter laning, team fight, starting items, there are almost players vs. players, even in Co-op vs. AI. It can hardly be accepted by only providing Boss kills. 

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