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DBet Description

1. All DBet participants start at 0 total points.

2. When a team is chosen, the bet cannot be changed or cancelled.

3. Points are added or subtracted from a participant's total points depending on the match's outcome and pay rate. Your DBet point total can be negative.

4. Bet submission for the day's matches will end before the start of the first match of that day. For closing times are 9AM PST / 6PM CET for EU LCS matches and 12PM PST / 9PM CET for NA LCS matches.

5. Participants will be ranked based on their total amount of DBet points.

6. The top 10 and bottom 2 participants from the rankings at the end of the 2015 LCS spring season will have chance to win prizes.


Heal for Safety, or Barrier for Baiting

 Jan 28, 2015

In most games of League of Legends, it's very common to see everyone in the game have Flash as one of their summoner spells. Can't blame them, as a summoner spell Flash provides both playmaking capability and defensive options. However, what may make or break the game is the other summoner spell. In some situations having different summoner spells will greatly impact the lane and maybe decide who will get the advantage in the lane.

This article is going to be discussing the secondary Summoner spell choices for ADC. The role has seen many changes in this field, going from Exhaust to Ignite to Cleanse to Barrier and now Heal where we see it now. The main change we've seen is that Summoner spells for ADCs has become more defensive oriented in order for them to stay alive and do damage. This is probably due to Barrier being introduced during Season 3, giving ADCs a considerable shield that turned the tide of fights between ADCs. There was also a period of time where Cleanse was a good Summoner spell to pick up because Crowd Control was considered to be a big problem during that time for ADCs. But, now that Heal gives health to two people now, people have turned away from taking Barrier for now, and there are so many items that simulate Cleanse that it hasn't become a very popular spell to pick up.

Kalista's a Hop, Skip, and a lot of Jumps away

 Jan 26, 2015

After playing a lot of games against Kalista, there's one thing that occurs every game that makes me personally dislike the champ: How easy it is for her to kite people. Her passive, Martial Poise, lets her dash away after every auto attack, and with enough attack speed, that means you will never be able to catch her if you're simply walking towards her, forcing people to blow gap closers just to even get to Kalista.

As someone who has played a lot of running champions like Poppy, Olaf, or Nocturne, seeing Kalista is like seeing the enemy team be all Challenger. No matter how much Move Speed I have she can keep dashing back and back and kite me like Charlie Brown. If you're reading this, that means you feel the same way as I do, and so I'm here to provide some smalls ways to counter Kalista. There are absolutely no guarantees to what I say here, but from my experience the following champs are capable of at least catching Kalista.

A Beginner's Guide to InSec - ing

 Jan 25, 2015

If you've been playing League of Legends for some time now, there's an iconic combo that the champion Lee Sin is known for performing. The combo is called an InSec, named after the League of Legends player who first performed the move. InSec performed the move during the Season 3 All Star Tournament, and from that point on it was forever dubbed the InSec.

But what is the InSec? For new players or those who aren't familiar with it, the InSec is a combo that a select few champions can perform, but it's most common with Lee Sin. It starts with a Sonic Wave into Resonating Strike onto an enemy champion, then placing a ward behind them, dashing to the ward with Safeguard, and then Using Dragon's Rage to kick the enemy towards your team in one smooth motion. Overall it doesn't sound too complicated, but if you're not familiar with Lee Sin or maybe aren't as mechanically blessed as others, it's a relatively difficult maneuver to pull off.

Double Smiting in the Jungle

 Jan 23, 2015

In the first patch of Season 5, Riot has changed the good old Summoner Spell Smite in quite a significant way. The main change is that Smite can now have 2 charges. At 1:40 in game time, Smite will start to gain additional charges, 1 every 75 seconds. However, now there is an innate cooldown of 15 seconds for Smite, meaning you can't just double Smite a buff or enemy champion.

So, does this actually affect the jungle in any way? In my opinion, not so much. The main reason is because since charges don't start at 1:40, the initial start in the jungle remains unchanged. You'll still have to Smite either the Gromp or Kruggs first, then either Red or Blue, depending on where you started. After you've cleared your jungle the first time, you'll feel like there isn't a significant difference in clear speed or gold earned, because there isn't.

LoLDB Season 5 New Feature: Introducing DBet

 Jan 22, 2015

Season 5 ranked started today and after hard work from the LoLDB team, we are proud to present our newest feature - LoL DBet! DBet is our fantasy betting system for professional League of Legends matches. The leagues covered at the moment are the North American League Championship Series (NALCS) and the European League Championship Series (EULCS)

With the initial release version of DBet, we have included the following features:

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