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Warwick’s Unstoppable Reign of the Jungle

 Dec 10, 2014

For a while now Warwick has been on our Website’s MOST category a lot, whether its Most Popular, Highest Win Rate, or Most Banned, and with good reason. The day after thanksgiving, Warwick saw a huge spike in pick percentage, going from 0% straight up to over 25% almost overnight. After the changes in the recent patch, Warwick now finds himself at the top of the champion tier level for a variety of reasons.

Obviously the biggest change went to the jungle. For Warwick, one of the original sustain junglers, the change to the jungle didn’t weaken him at all. Instead the changes made jungling hard for everyone else. With only 2 pots available now after buying Machete, most junglers don’t have the massive health sustain early game they used to have with Machete, 5 pots, but Warwick never needed pots in the first place. Before the changes there was a relatively well balanced trade between clear time and sustain, leaving sustain junglers like Warwick and Nunu to slightly suffer from having slower clear times, but a safer and more sustainable route. But after the jungle creeps became stronger, Warwick’s speed didn’t slow down at all, and instead, every other jungler’s clear time became slower. As a result Warwick can safely go through his jungle without having to Recall for more health potions or items, and can rush to level 6 relatively fast. Other junglers are also unable to apply pressure to his jungle because they’ll be too weak after taking their own jungle.

Riot's New Online Merchandise Store

 Dec 09, 2014

As a response to many people asking for non-fanmade League of Legends merchandise, Riot has launched Riot Games Merch, an online store that is currently in early beta and development. At the moment there is a limited amount of items available at the store, but Riot encourages its community to check it out for evaluations and criticisms.

*Pictures Courtesy of Riot Games

Void Gate Introduction

 Dec 08, 2014

If you haven’t heard of this item by now, the Void Gate is a new item that will be coming to Summoner’s Rift. Riot has already released this item on the PBE, and if you don’t already know what it does or haven’t seen the bug with it, read on.

The Void Gate will have a total cost of 2630G, being built out of Raptor’s Clock (1400G) and Negatron Clock (1350G) plus a combination cost of 780G. It will grant the owner 40 Armor, 50 Magic Resistance, 100% Base Health Regen, a Unique Passive and a Unique Active.

Riot has released Legend of the Poro King on PBE

 Dec 05, 2014

For this year’s Snowdown Riot has included a new game mode called Legend of the Poro King. The game mode is played in a 5 v 5 Blind Draft pick in Howling Abyss, and includes two new Summoner Spells made just for the game.

Below is the statement Riot released about the game mode:

Season 5 Jungle Changes – New items

 Nov 28, 2014

League of Legends is a game of evolution.  Much has changed since the game was first started, and we have seen constant revisions to both the overall themes of the game as well as smaller changes to perfect and balance the gameplay.  As we guessed in a previous article about the changes that might come with the upcoming Season 5, one of the areas we identified was the Jungle.  The Jungle seems like a problem child for Riot, having seen constant revisions over the years.  With the coming of Season 5, the changes to the Jungle just might be the biggest yet.

The overall goal of Riot with the Jungle in Season 5 is to make it a more balanced playing field.  Riot really wishes to promote Champion and build diversity in League, and they have been working at achieving this balance in many parts of the game.  The next area they will be focusing on is in the Jungle.  To that end, there will be many changes coming to the Jungle with Season 5, including a major overhaul of the Jungle items.  The item that will be seeing the biggest change in Season 5 is the Machete item.

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