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DBet - Bet for the greater team More Description DBet Player Ranking
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04/19 03pm GMT
Unicorns of Love
04/19 07pm GMT
Team Solomid

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DBet Description

1. All DBet participants start at 0 total points.

2. When a team is chosen, the bet cannot be changed or cancelled.

3. Points are added or subtracted from a participant's total points depending on the match's outcome and pay rate. Your DBet point total can be negative.

4. Bet submission for the day's matches will end before the start of the first match of that day. For closing times are 9AM PST / 6PM CET for EU LCS matches and 12PM PST / 9PM CET for NA LCS matches.

5. Participants will be ranked based on their total amount of DBet points.

6. The top 10 and bottom 2 participants from the rankings at the end of the 2015 LCS spring season will have chance to win prizes.


Introducing LoLDB Replay System Overhaul

 Mar 31, 2015

Greetings Summoners,

Our LoLPower feature has met with universal acclaim since its release. Thank you all for supporting us :)

Patch 5.6 notes

 Mar 25, 2015

Welcome to patch 5.6 Notes

What's that? That's the sound of the second 2015 buff barge, departing from... buff island? Look, we don't know where the buff barge actually stays in its off season. All we do know is that sometimes this thing docks somewhere, takes on a bunch of friends, and then sails off for the high seas.

Is There a Lack of Satisfaction in the Current Jungle?

 Mar 06, 2015

Reward is a wonderful feeling.  In life, and especially in video games, players like to feel that what they are doing results in a tangible reward or result.  In the early days of video games, that result was a high score.   Video games were not designed to be beaten, and the satisfaction usually came from beating that one guy with his initials above yours in the arcade.  As games have evolved, reward systems have been put into place to help satisfy players and push them towards reaching their goals.  Everyone likes to feel like they are making progress, and in a multiplayer game, they want more than just a big KDA ratio.  Sometimes, it is the smaller things in a game that really cause a person to enjoy what they are doing.

If you stop and take a moment to peer under the hood of virtually any present video game, they are chocked full of little bells, whistles, and doodads that create a pleasurable experience for a player.  In League of Legends, there are many examples.  When you last hit a creep or minion, you are rewarded with gold, and it even pops up on the screen with a little graphic.  When you destroy a tower, you are rewarded in the same way, with a global message noting your achievement.  And of course, kills are rewarded with a global announcement as well.  So what we have, for the laners, is a constant stream of positive feedback for simply playing the game.  Each minion that is successfully hit with a last hit, each kill, each tower, is a reward.  The jungle, which is always the problem child for Riot, is headed in a different path. 

Patch 5.4 – More Disruption to the Jungle

 Mar 04, 2015

Patch 5.4 has recently been released, and there are a lot of changes to go through.  In this analysis, we will take a look at how Patch 5.4 has affected the Jungle in particular.  As an overview, the changes to the Jungle from 5.4 are pretty confusing, and at this point, with the way that Jungle itemization and Smite mechanics are being dealt with, it is very hard to guess what Riot’s endgame for the Jungle is.  In Patch 5.4 we have some pretty major changes to the way the Jungle items work, the way Smite interacts with enemy Champions, and some nerfs to the usual suspects we find in the Jungle as of late (cough, Jarvan IV, cough).

First let’s take a look at how Riot has decided to deal with everyone’s favorite Jungler, Jarvan IV.  Walk into virtually any ranked match, and you can bet that one of the first bans that will be thrown out is Jarvan IV.  Not only has he seen a lot of competitive play, he has picked up popularity at virtually all ELO brackets due to his overwhelming strengths and virtually nonexistent weaknesses.  Riot decided to give a pretty substantial nerf to Jarvan IV, and a minor compensatory buff.  They have completely removed the passive armor bonus from his Demacian Standard ability.  This is quite a hit to his inner tank.  To compensate, they have increased his base armor from 24 to 27.  I suspect that they threw this bone in so that he can still wade through his initial Jungle clears, and throw out a gank at Level 3.  The nerf will really come into play during the endgame, where Jarvan IV will be missing out on roughly 19 passive armor bonus.  This will definitely be felt progressively throughout the game as well.  Overall, this seems like a good nerf for the Demacian hero.

Patch 5.4 – You Get a Nerf, You Get a Nerf, You All Get Nerfs!

 Mar 03, 2015

By now, as I am sure you are aware, Patch 5.4 has been unleashed upon the League of Legends populace.  The changes are numerous, and this time around, there weren’t many buffs to be found, mostly just nerfs, nerfs, and more nerfs.  We already took a look at the changes to the Jungle in another article, so in this one we are going to look at the other changes that have been brought by Patch 5.4.

You might have noticed a common theme by now with Patch 5.4 – nerfs.  A lot of popular picks have been scaled back, some for better, most for the worst.  The first get hit with a nerf is Janna.  Her Tailwind ability no longer grants her bonus movement speed, and now it only affects allied Champions who are actually moving towards her.  To compensate, the base passive movement speed from Tailwind has been increased at all levels.  Kalista has been given a rather interesting nerf in this latest patch, and it affects her Passive ability Martial Poise.  The attack wind-up, which is the time between starting her attack and firing it, now speeds up at 66% of her attack speed instead of 100%.  This means it will be slightly hard to kite with Kalista and she won’t be hopping quite as much like a rabbit all over the battlefield.  This will come into play somewhat significantly during team fighting, where she is the queen of kiting.